About us

    The association “Alterfact” was established in 2010 with the goal to support the development of civil society and protection of human rights. The Association has 37 permanent members, with various profiles. Conceptually the organisation adopted a oriented philosophy. Having in mind the professional profile of the association members, the focus is strictly on the delivery of concrete results rather than usual advocacy/policy making and/or typical NGO’s activities.



    Objectives of the Association are:


    - Promotion of the values of civil society.


    - Promotion of environmental protection as a human right.


    - Protection, improvement and promotion of rights of the threatened social categories.


    - Raising the level of awareness of individuals and society on the need of inclusion

    of marginalized social categories.


    - Education of citizens, particularly children and the youth, in the field of civil society development.


    - Improvement of environmental protection.




    For the purpose of achieving its objectives,

    the Association performs the following activities:


    1) Collects and processes scientific and expert literature in the field of civil society development, protection of human rights and environmental protection.


    2) Organises, independently or jointly with other organisations, expert conferences, consultations, seminars and other forms of education in the target fields.


    3) Publishes books and other publications on the issues related to the objectives of the Statute, in compliance with the law.


    4) Organises educational workers and other experts engaged in education of children and the youth for the purpose of recognition and prevention of discrimination, particularly against Roma people, physically and mentally impaired persons.


    5) Making of posters, flyers, TV and radio commercials, documentary films, for the purpose of realisation of tasks of the Association.

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